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    Christmas Celebration

    Consumer Safety Day

    Consumer Safety Day is an individualized, fun approach to learning about safety.

    Surry County Autism Walk

    Behavioral Services has participated in the Surry County Autism Walk since its inception.

    Annual Employee Appreciation Breakfast

    A fun way to show our staff that they are appreciated.

    Halloween Pizza Party and Bowling

    We love having fun with our staff and clients at quarterly events hosted by the agency.

    Behavioral Services' Summer Adventure Club

    A fun way to interact and socialize with peers.

    Annual Staff Safety Day

    Staff stop by the office on Safety Day to demonstrate CPR/FA skills, replenish their emergency bags and personal protective equipment, have their automobiles inspected, and drop off/pickup other required items.


    It is all fun and games when our office staff dress up for Halloween. Staff and clients are invited to trick or treat in each of our offices.

    Special Olympics

    Our very own, David Bumgarner, emcees for Special Olympics.

    Annual Balloon Release

    Annually, we celebrate Disabilities Awareness Month with a balloon release. It is always one of the biggest events of the year.

    Summer Club Petting Zoo

    One of our favorite events at Behavioral Services' Summer Club is the annual petting zoo.

    Summer Club Petting Zoo

    There are all kinds of critters at the petting zoo.

    Quarterly Events

    We are proud of our many artists and their artwork which may be found adorning the walls of the office.

    Quarterly Events

    Another beautiful piece of artwork. A rendering of Pilot Mountain.

    Christmas Celebration

    Not only a visit from Santa but also sweet treats from his stocking.

    Surry County Autism Walk

    We have so many talented individuals. Ben plays the keyboards at the opening of the Special Olympics while his mother sings an original recorded song.

    Safety Awareness Day

    Safety Awareness Day ''Red Emergency Bag" inspections.

    Quarterly Events

    Exploring flight at the local airport. A great time was had by all.