“I feel that I have a network of support at my disposal…
    I could not be more pleased with the services that my son receives from field staff or the management team. I have had other service providers but none can compare to the expertise of Behavioral Services, Inc. I highly recommend this team of caring professionals.”

    --Frankie, parent of client


    "Everyone is so helpful and nice at Behavioral Services! If ever I have a question, Lauren makes sure it gets answered promptly! David is always a pleasure to work with and makes things easy for me to understand. Teresa makes sure that my paperwork is correct and helps me with corrections. Pam always makes training a fun learning experience! Christi is always so kind and takes time to speak with you directly. No complaints here! They’re great! I feel like they have my son’s best interest at heart and that’s what matters.”

    --Christy, Parent of Client


    "Behavioral Services has always provided some of the most professional services in this area. You are always treated with a very professional attitude from the owner to the in home workers. My clients are always happy with their workers and the services they receive form Behavioral Services. I would always recommend this company for a client. All the staff are very friendly and helpful and a pleasure to work with."

    --Sherry Brock, Care Coordinator


    “After years of watching my aunt’s health decline, she reached a point where she was no longer physically able to care for my cousin with special needs. My family and I agreed to take my cousin into our home. I praise the Lord that Behavioral Services and their staff were there to help us through the challenges a person with special needs has and to help my cousin have the quality of life that she deserves.” -- Melissa, family member of client




    "The office staff at Behavioral Services are the best and are always ready to help their clients and employees.”

    -- Staff- taken from staff survey